Conrad Mathias of Manikyahithlu/Mumbai

expired on 28th September 2015

Pray for these souls

Celestine Sequiera,Near Church Niddodi 

Age 80 years

DOE  12/07/2015

Paskin Stella Saldanha.

Age 76 years

Mandekedu Niddodi

DOE 13/02/2015

Alyosius D Souza Pidmale

Age 75 year,

DOE 10/5/15

Cicil Periera

Age 74year

Near Curch

DOE 2/4/15

William Pinto Pakaldy-Agari

Aged  75 years  expired on

5th January 2014

Albert Aranha

Aged 77 years

Near Convent expired on

22nd january 2014

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