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In this column we wish to publish the contents of those people who brought name and fame to Niddodi,and those who worked for Niddodi.If you have any  success story in any  field you can forward to us with target persons photo



V Sequiera-Baroda

Niddodi -though this place is less important in any map its is its own identity. The scholars,artists,writers.priests,nuns  from this place made Niddodi to be remembered now and then.

In our efferts to identify the persons who made Niddodians proud is Mr Valerian Sequiera popularly known as `V sequiera Baroda` who born near our place and done his elementary education in Our Little Flower School staying in Niddodi.

V-Sequiera Baroda was the  wellknown name when Poinari in circulation.He also wrote in many Konkani papers and also in Kannada as well as in English.

Mr Sequiera born in 1940 in Kinnigoli.His father name is Thomas Sequiera whereas his mother name is Machubai. Since Machubai hailed from Niddodi  Valerian studied in Little Flower School.Later he completed his high school studies in Pompei High school Kirem-Aikala.He completed his PUC education in St Aloysious College Mangalore.Later he joined Baba Atomic Research Centre Office Mumbai.In 1965 he left Mumbai and reached Baroda and he still living there.

During his high school time he wrote an article in Kannada.which later made him to write in Konkani and english. In Konkani he wrote four  books whereas in English he wrote two books .

In an effert to know each other he started `Konkan Pen-Pals`.He started `Konkan Sabha in Baroda.Hewas always pro working class  during his career and he remained with them and he fought for them in  government administrative officesas well as in court.

Mr Sequiera got his M.A degree from mysore University and L.L.B from Gujarath University.He was honoured by local  organisations and awarded `Gujarath Nu Gowrav` from them.In addition to this American Biological Institute, a well known America organisation honored him by making  as  their permanent member.from two foreign Universities honoured him with D.Lit and Ph.D degrees.thus making Mr Sequiera as Doctor.

During his law carreer he  continued his writing.Now he is in Seventies with Alice in Baroda.He is blessed with Dyna and Melwin. Dr Sequiera still remembers his early days in Niddodi as well as his teachers of Little Flower School-Niddodi. wish him a peaceful  retired  life .



Mr Gregory Sequiera


Recently people of Niddodi,Mangalore,Mumbai ,gulf,Western ghats  found a popular comedian in Matharo charbela drama.It is no other than Mr Gregory Sequeira for those who are not familiar with Giru_Mandekere.Mandekere or Mandekedu is a place on the side of Niddodi_Kateel narrow road.

Born at Niddodi in !954. to Late Mr Marcel Sequiera and Mrs Cecilia Seuiera Gregory completed his education in Little Flower H P School Niddodi. I think this school produced well known people in art and culture world.I can mention one name that is Mr J B Moraes a well known figure in Konkani Literature and also Konkani Sahitya Parishad /Academy honoured in addition to Gregory  who studied in this school only.

The arecanut trees pillars,bamboo plus coconut leaves wovened ceiling ,rough and tough mud floor stage not discouraged his interest in drama.The memorable  comedy act of Batthu attracted Gregory to the scene.Those who are above 40 may remember the act of Batthu who commanded the dramas in Niddodi. Eating crisp  chanas the poeple eagerly awaited  Batthu to come.The only actor I have found to lean 45 degrees either left or right,front or back without moaving his feet.His impression left a permanent mark on Gregorys heart and mind to follow.

The oppurtunity given by Batthu in his two dramas that is Dhoth Pandra Hazar and Suneche Karbar changed the direction of Gregory later in his life.At the age of twele only Gregory succeeded in drama field


Master comedian of Niddodi and unforgettable comedian of Niddodi- Batthu a/s Mr Baptist Lobo  Kundottu Ariyala


Sanni A Souzas:Amka Lotri Laglya,Hasanthlo Piso,Boarder Jayi,Shimtinathullo Kolo,Ghatt Dhar Sodinka,

John Mascarenhas: Kunigar Novro

Claud D Souza Bendurs:Shiluchem Philu,Problema Voir Problem

Naveen Kulshekars:Mogachi Jeek

Francis Fernandes: Mathlabhi Samsar.Matharo Charbela

Henry D Silva Surathkals:Kon Jiktha

Lawrence D Souzas:Porthyan Ek Pautim

Joker Cassias:Jana Soglo Gam

Clement Madanthyars:Sarg ani Somsar

Dolphy Cassias :Savli

are the some dramas where Gregory acted.Matharo Charbela  drama was  played more than 35 times where as others were played more than 2 times.Other than Konkani Gregory acted in Tulu dramas also

Other than dramas Gregory took part in other comedy shows also.As told by Gregory there is no problem from the viewers.He feels the response is good but yet more is anticipated.More encouragement will be desired.

Though there may some personal problems some time that is not curtailed his spirit to do the comedy role.He kept problems at home but not carried to the stage.He got the full support from his family members.

Mrs Lilly Sequiera also from Niddodi_Nekkare.Gregoey is blessed with three children,Lavina,Noel and Jeevan.Where Noel  is now in USA on company  assignment Jeevan is searching a better engineering college with his Top marks and CET/AIEEE rank to his credit.Niddodi .com proud of Gregorys achievement and wish him all success and a award from Konkani Organisations.

Gregorys   now stays in Mumbai and his Contact number is 09892423236


drama scene:Matharo charbela

,(This Photo courtesy: 

Gregory in action:in other dramas




J B Moraes


Mr.John Baptist Moraes was born to Benjamin & Mary Moraes, in the village kallamundkur (Niddodi) in Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka State on 29th June June 1933.(His near relatives are still living at Moilottu in St Peter Ward).He studied in Little Flower School  Kallamundkur and in Pompei High School,Kirem

As told by one of retired teacher of Little Flower School,JB  Moaraes brought a handwritten magazine similar to the Divo when he was too young and that too he was in eleimentary class.May be he shown his talent at the initial stage.
Starting from 1954, Moraes has written 15 books covering different genres of Konkani literature, such as poetry (three collections), short stories, plays (prose and verse), biography (literary and political), life sketches, translations and adaptations.His second collection of poetry ‘Bhitorlem Tufan' (The Storm Within) received the Central Sahitya Akademi Award for the year 1985.
His exhaustive biography of George Fernandes, the Union Defence Minister has won Moraes the ‘Dr.
In 2002, Moraes was selected to represent Goa in the ‘Sarva Bhasha Kavi Sammelan' held in Jaipur.A few of his poems, translated by himself, were published in the Sahitya Akademi Journal ‘Indian Literature' a few years ago.

Literary AwardsMoraes received the Central Sahitya Akademi Award for his collection of poetry ‘Bhitorlem Tufan' in 1985.The Maharashtra Govt. honoured him with ‘Gaurav Puraskar' in 1990.He received the ‘Dr.T.M.A. Pai Foundation, Manipal - Best Book Award for 2000' for his biography of George Fernandes. ‘Sandesha Prathistan' of Karnataka honoured him in 2001 for his lifetime achievement in literature.

As EditorMoraes was the Founder-Editor of ‘Divo' Konkani weekly of Mumbai (1995 - 1998).He was one of the three Founder Editors of the monthly magazine ‘Konkan Daiz' (1958-59).Currently, editor of ‘Konknni Saad' the quarterly News Bulletin of the Konkani Bhasha Mandal Mumbai.
Moraes is the Convener of the Konkani Advisory Committee of the Bharatiya Jnanpith for three years (2002-2004) Bharatiya Jnanpith was established in 1965 and since then their literary awards (once language every year) have attained National prestige and International standard.
Moraes is now member of the General Council of the Sahitya Akademi for five years (2002 - 2006).He was earlier a member of the Konkani Advisory Board of the Akademi for five years. (1998 - 2002) He had special assignments from the Akademi for writing the biography of the Konkani poet Cha.Fra.daCosta and for translating History of Kannada Literature.He has participated in various literary workshops conducted by the Sahitya Akademi such as Book Review, Poetry and Translation.He has read papers in Konkani Seminars on various subjects.He read a paper on ‘Problems of Konkani Journalism' in the First World Konkani Convention held in Mangalore in 1995.

President - All India Konkani ParishadMoraes was elected President of the 19th All India Konkani Parishad (1993 - 1995) and is Vice President of its Executive body.He is Gen.Secretary of the Konkani Bhasha Mandal Mumbai, the first representative body of the Konkanies (founded in 1942) since 1992.

Other Contributions

Moraes has contributed articles on two of Konkani's great poets in the book ‘Masterpieces of India Literature' published by the National Book Trust. His poem ‘The Dew Drop' was included in the book ‘Letter from the Soul' published by the International Library of Poems of France.




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